Sunsetting Gridset

Posted on by Nathan

When we built and launched Gridset, we wanted to help people break out of the typical 960px, 12-column frameworks that we believed were stifling web design creativity. Over the years, many people got on board with our little idea, and we appreciated every one of you. That was nearly six years ago, and the web…

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Responsive Report 2014

Posted on by Nathan

View the report → Survey improvements This year we moved the survey to Survey Monkey for better analysis, and I must say it was much easier. Emma Boulton, Nicola Jones, and I were able to parse the data and find useful insights much quicker, lending more time to designing the report. Also, we added finer…

40% off a year of Gridset

Posted on by Nathan

For the entire month of November you can sign up or switch to an Annual Unlimited Subscription at 40% less than the regular rate – that’s only $54 for an entire year of unlimited access (£36 if you’re in the UK)!

Gridset Responsive Survey 2014

Posted on by Jo

Today we’ve launched the survey that will fuel the next Gridset Responsive Report – and we want to hear from you! The Gridset Responsive Report tracked the challenges, tools, and trends in responsive design for the last two years, and it’s time to do it all over again.

Exploring the Responsive Design landscape

Posted on by Emma

The Business of Responsive Design Survey Mark originally drafted the Responsive Survey for a conference talk he was preparing for Fronteers Conference in 2012. He wanted to get an idea of the pain points around responsive design so he could talk about them from his experience of working with clients. The first survey received 512…

Gridset is now part of Monotype

Posted on by Nathan

The Gridset team has some big news. As of today, Mark Boulton Design Ltd, makers of the Gridset responsive layout tool, has been acquired by Monotype. For Gridset this will be the start of an exciting new period in its development. As part of Monotype, our team will be working on a broad range of…

Build a Content-out Grid System with Gridset

Posted on by Nathan

Last week I wrote an article for A List Apart on how to use ratios, scales and fluid grids to derive a layout from your content. While the underlying theory and mathematics are explained in depth in the article, I wanted to show how Gridset makes all of this much easier.

Workflow: it’s personal

Posted on by Jo

With the subject of personal workflow in the spotlight lately, we point you in the direction of two recent articles by our own Nathan Ford and Mark Boulton on the process at Mark Boulton Design.

App of the Year? Heck yeah!

Posted on by Jo

We’re nominated for App of the Year at the 2014 net awards! We’re up against some amazing competition, so if you like what we’ve been up to for the last 12 months, your vote would really mean a lot to us.