Building a Grid Set

How to create, edit and manage the grids in your set.

A grid set is a set of grids that can be used on any project. Gridset gives you the power to quickly create completely bespoke grids within a set that could apply to mobile, tablet, or desktop layout sizes, for example. Or you may create multiple grids that apply at any range of sizes. This section will take you through all of the details of this process:

Creating, Editing & Managing Sets

How to create, duplicate and edit set info, and remove sets.

Adding & Editing Grids in a Set

Learn how to create your first grid, tailor your grids to your exact needs, and use templates to import a quick foundation.

Managing Grids in a Set

How to duplicate, arrange and edit grid info, and remove grids from your set.

Once you’ve mastered building grids, learn how to use them ]