Demo and specimen

Two ways to explore and share the grids in your set.

Once you have added grids to your set, and saved, you can then view the live demo and specimen.

Demo and specimen links


Demos allow you to immediately see how your grid set will behave in the browser, with real HTML. This screen is exactly like the demo file that has been included in the download zip, but now you can view it as soon as you make a change. From the demo, you can resize your browser to see where your grids are applying, and you can dig into examples of how the CSS classes for your grids would be applied. Note: The demo is only available to subscribers or sets that have been purchased.


Specimen is really just a new name for Share. Specimens are now linked to from your grid overlay, and are a great way to share your grid mastery. What we called Team Access before is now Sharing. I know this may be confusing at first, but it better aligns with user expectations and we feel it will make more sense going forward.

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