Purchasing a Grid Set

Learn more about your options for gaining access to your grid set’s assets.

When you are ready to Use your first grid set, you will be presented with two simple payment options.

Pay as You Go

This option requires absolutely no commitment. You only pay for each individual grid set as you need it. A one-time payment will unlock the following assets for your grids:

  • Quick prototyping links (CSS and JS) for rapid prototyping and development. The CSS is limited to 500 page views per hour.
  • 5 downloads of your set’s assets, giving you a ZIP file of PNGs for each grid, CSS and Sass files, your grid overlay script, and a demo HTML page to help you get started.
  • Cheat sheets for your grids. A fast, simple reference for all measurements you may need.

Unlimited Subscription

This plan requires a monthly or annual payment, but can be canceled at any time. An Unlimited Subscription gives you everything that the Pay as You Go plan does, but you get Unlimited access to the assets of any set you create. No download limits.

Please note: When you cancel, your access will stay active until the end of the month for monthly, or until the end of the year for annual subscriptions. After that time period expires, your subscription will not renew. There are no partial refunds for cancellation.

After purchase, you can peruse the settings for your set ]