Creating, Editing & Managing Sets

How to manage your grid sets in the set listing screen.

Creating your First Set

If you have just signed up with Gridset, your initial sets screen should look pretty empty. To create your first grid set, just enter a name for your set into the field at the top and hit Create. You will be automatically taken into your set so that you can immediately begin building grids for it.

First grid set form

Creating or Duplicating a Set

Once you have created a set, you can easily create another by clicking New Set. You can also create a new duplicate of an existing set by hovering over that set and clicking Duplicate.

Duplicating a grid set

Then, give the set a unique name and click Add.

Duplicating a grid set

Duplicating a set will import all of the grids from the original set into a new set. If you do not have a subscription, you will need to purchase this new set to gain access to its downloads and resources.

Renaming a Set

You can quickly rename a set in place by hovering over the set and clicking Edit Name. Enter the new name into the input field and click Done.

Removing a Set

Hover over the set you want to remove, and click Remove. Please note that even if you have purchased this grid set, it will still be removed from your sets list.

Removing a grid set

If you want to remove more than one set at a time, you can click the checkbox next to each set name you want to remove, then click Remove at the top of the list next to Bulk Actions. This will remove all of the selected sets from your list.

Removing multiple sets

If you need to retrieve the downloads or assets from sets you have purchased but also removed from your list, just select Purchased Only from the View drop-down at the top of your list.

Finding Sets

To narrow down your list to only the sets you have purchased, you can select Purchased Only from the View drop-down at the top of your list.

Viewing types of sets

You can also filter the list by keywords by entering them into the input field at the top-right of your list.

Filter sets

Now start creating grids for your sets ]