About us

Gridset is a tool for making grids.

With responsive design forcing us into working and thinking differently about web layouts, the maths involved in designing for a plethora of different screen sizes started to take up valuable time and cause more than a few headaches.

We were hitting the same hurdles as everyone else. So when we looked to the web for a tool to help simplify the process and realised there wasn’t anything out there, we decided to make our own. And that’s how Gridset came to be.

To date, we’ve used Gridset on projects for World Skills London 2011, Al Jazeera and CERN, and it’s being used every day to inspire and create many more. Whether we’re working for clients or on our own internal projects, we don’t use anything else.
We hope you find it as indispensable as we do.

Company details

c/o Monotype Ltd.
Studio 2, The Coach house
Stanwell Road
Vale of Glamorgan
CF64 3EU
Phone: +44 (0)2920 020959
Email: support@gridsetapp.com

Twitter: @gridsetapp

The Gridset Team

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    Mark Boulton

  • Nathan's Avatar

    Nathan Ford

  • Colin's Avatar

    Colin Kersley

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    Nick Boulton

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    Jo Brewer

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    Emma Boulton

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    Nicola Jones