Gridset, meet Education. Education, meet Gridset.

Posted on by Nathan

We’ve been talking, writing and adding features to support new ways of looking at grids and composition and to make our tool crucial to a web designer’s process. It’s our mission to not only make responsive layouts easier, but to push the boundaries of what designers attempt with layout on the web, and we see education as central to this goal.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reaching out to web design educators to chat about their challenges. Some insights we learned:

  • Design students moving to the web can be frustrated by syntax; design tools tend to be much more forgiving of imprecise input.
  • Design students tend to be frustrated by the maths involved in responsive layout.
  • Web design is seen as more restrictive than other design disciplines, therefore it feels less creative.

Luckily for design students everywhere, Gridset was built to make all of this much easier. Complicated float syntax and maths are handled expertly by our output, and by simplifying web layout processes through the app, designers are only limited by their imagination.

But that’s not all...

Extended free trials for students

We're offering students an extended, four-month free trial when they set up a Gridset account through our new education program. Specifically tailored to stretch the length of a semester/term, this gives students the opportunity to experiment and learn without worrying about costs.

If you're a student and you'd like to get access to the extended trial, you'll need to ask your educator to contact us. We'll liaise with them to get you set up. Or, if you're an educator interested in using Gridset in your classroom (or just offering an extended trial to your students), let us know and we will get you up and running. We’ve built the process to be quick and painless for you.

To get started, please email us at:

Beyond academia

We recognize that education is not limited to the classroom, so if you’re part of a trade organization, an online learning tool, or have any other interest in web design education, please feel free to get in touch as well.

In-app education

You may also notice a new addition to your “All Gridsets” screen. We’ve begun feeding content into this view to give you a better understanding of the app and how it may change in the future, as well as providing links to resources we find specifically helpful in learning grid theory, responsive design, or layout. We have tried to push educational content through our blog, and now that content has a useful place within the app, too.

Our thinking around education in our app – and Gridset’s place in the classroom – is still at an early stage, and we know we haven’t covered everything we can do yet, but we’re confident these additions work well towards our mission.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts as well.