Live demos, specimens, and more…

Posted on by Nathan

You may have noticed a couple of new links at the top right of the interface. Last week we pushed out live demos and specimens, along with a few other nice improvements.

Demo and specimen link

Let’s look at these new links:


Demos allow you to immediately see how your grid set will behave in the browser, with real HTML. This screen is exactly like the demo file that has been included in the download ZIP, but now you can view it as soon as you make a change. From the demo, you can resize your browser to see where your grids are applying, and you can dig into examples of how the CSS classes for your grids would be applied.


“Specimen” is really just a new name for “Share”. Specimens are now linked to from your grid overlay, and are a great way to share your grid mastery. What we called “Team Access” before is now “Sharing”. We know this may be confusing at first, but it better aligns with user expectations and we feel it will make more sense going forward.

In addition to these, we have made some small UI improvements that add up to a much better app experience:

  • Longer signed in sessions to allow more convenient access to your sets when you need them.
  • Snappier interface through various UI optimizations and better cache handling.
  • Cmd + S now saves! No need to reach all the way for that save button.
  • Traverse columns in the interface using the arrow keys.
  • Ratios are now open to whatever value you can think of. Previously provided ratios are still there as a suggestion.
  • Improved math engine now makes column calculations even more accurate.

If you notice any problems with this, or have any opinions, feel free to email us at, or post a discussion on our support site.