A primer on designing grid systems from Mark Boulton

Posted on by Nathan

In 2011 Mark Boulton ran a workshop on “Designing Grid Systems for the Web” as part of Five Simple Steps’ workshop series. The entire half-day session was recorded and is available via FSS Videos. If you are new to using grid systems, or new to designing on the web, this series of videos is a great place to start understanding the challenges involved where these skills meet.

Don’t just choose a grid. Design it!

Posted on by Nathan

Last month, I gave a talk about grids and Gridset at Port80 Localhost. The talk was entitled “Better grids systems on the web,” but as I was writing up the notes for a post on my blog, I realized there was a bigger message that is very pertinent to people like you and me that…

Smarter IE conditionals, v1.2

Posted on by Nathan

The way Gridset serve grids to IE has changed. Before, there was an alternate IE grid sent to IE 9 and below, using the grids you set as your IE grid in the settings. This removed all media queries from IE 9, though IE 9 supports them. Not ideal. In our latest updates, we have improved this dramatically.

New Gridset Free Trials

Posted on by Nathan

As of today, Gridset now offers a 30-day free trial when signing up. You get unlimited access for 30 days, with no further obligation and no credit card required. This is the perfect opportunity to see what Gridset has to offer. If you’ve already signed up to Gridset, we have activated a free trial for…

Roundtable on Responsive Grids

Posted on by Jo

We recently spoke to Treehouse – along with JD Graffam of Simple Focus and Jonathan Smiley from ZURB – as part of an expert roundtable discussion on responsive grids. The discussion provided a good opportunity to flag up Gridset’s ability to tackle many of the points raised, including simplifying the issue of creating grids to…

Gridset on the go…

Posted on by Nathan

Have you tried to use Gridset on the go? If so, you may have noticed that our app is not at all optimized for mobile and tablet experiences. This was a deliberate choice on our part to focus on what we gleaned would be the main use case: desktop. But we are always seeking ways…

Best New Tools for 2012

Posted on by Nathan

Gridset was named by .net Magazine as one of “The 20 best new tools for web design and development of 2012”! An excerpt: The grid is becoming as much of a focal point for web design, much as it has traditionally been for the print world, but with some added complications. Obviously these grids need…