Responsive Report 2014

Posted on by Nathan

We’ve launched our annual report on Responsive Design for 2014! This year, we followed the same pattern as the 2013 report, focussing on the audience, challenges, feelings, trends and resources influencing Responsive Design. Tracking these themes for the last three years is really starting to tell a story.

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Survey improvements

This year we moved the survey to Survey Monkey for better analysis, and I must say it was much easier. Emma Boulton, Nicola Jones, and I were able to parse the data and find useful insights much quicker, lending more time to designing the report. Also, we added finer detail to our audience categories, which has shed light on some interesting trends as to how teams are structured.

Thanks to help from the wonderful folks at Smashing, net mag, and we saw twice as many respondents this year! And Mr. Responsive, himself, Ethan Marcotte, generously gave some time to help us ask the right questions and get the word out.

Making the report

I really took time this year to make the report unique, inspirational, and informative… and I think it got there. Lots of effort was put into building the interactive charts, which use a combination of SVG images, CSS animations, and JavaScript to set the values. Also, I am trying a new typographic method of setting the body font-size in vw units, and then applying size changes with ems. Feel free to dig around in the code to see how it’s done.

A big thank you to Jo Brewer for helping me make the content of the report clearer, and last but not least: Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey!

Now, let’s go keep learning, educating, and making the web a better place!