Answers about the acquisition

Who is Monotype?

Monotype is a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise that enable the best user experience and ensure brand integrity. Based in Woburn, Mass., Monotype provides customers worldwide with typeface solutions for a broad range of creative applications and consumer devices. The company’s libraries and e-commerce sites are home to many of the most widely used typefaces – including the Helvetica®, Frutiger® and Univers® families – as well as the next generation of type designs. Further information is available at

Why did Monotype acquire Mark Boulton Design?

Mark Boulton Design brings to Monotype recognized expertise in Web design and Web publishing, areas that Monotype has identified as strategic to its growth objectives. The team brings an intimate understanding of responsive design, in addition to a high standard of design excellence and execution that Monotype looks forward to integrating within its offerings.

Monotype believes the Gridset responsive layout tool offers unique value to Web designers that can potentially complement the benefits delivered with the Typecast application.

What were the financial terms of the transaction?

Monotype acquired the privately-held Mark Boulton Design for $1.75 million, including $1.0 million in restricted stock of Monotype Holdings Inc., which is subject to vesting over four years based on continued employment.

When did the acquisition close?

The acquisition closed on the 8th of April, 2014.

What will happen to Gridset?

For the moment, nothing will change. Our team will continue to improve Gridset, continue to answer support questions, and progress Gridset towards being the best responsive layout tool available. We will be looking at ways to bring Gridset in line with the Typecast application, and provide additional value to customers.

What will happen to my work in Gridset?

Your grids and grid sets will stay where they are now. There are no plans to wind down Gridset at this point. If these plans change in the future, we will give you at least 30 days notice, and we will provide a simple way to extract your grid set assets. Please note that our Terms and Conditions have been updated to reflect these recent changes.

Why team with Monotype?

We built early versions of Gridset to help our own team provide better work for our clients, but we launched it as a tool to help other teams across the web industry benefit from the lessons we’ve learned. Now, with our newfound focus and resources as part of Monotype, we intend to broaden our goal to improve web design processes in meaningful, insightful ways, with the real needs of modern web design continuing to guide our decisions.